Allure Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Allure?
A. Allure is a limestone surround product for zero-clearance fireplaces, which is available at an affordable price, with multiple color and size options, and customizable to match all zero-clearance fireplace manufacturers specifications.

Q. How is Allure manufactured?
A. Allure is manufactured using fiber-reinforced, cementitious limestone coating over an Expanded Polystyrene foam shape.

Q. How does it differ from cast stone?
A. Allure is a far lighter weight product, with a unique finish texture. Cast stone products are generally acid etched or sandblasted to achieve a stone-like character, which rarely achieves the desired natural stone texture. Allure is hand-ground, exposing natural aggregate in the proprietary AVS limestone blend.

Q. How does it differ from natural stone?
A. Again, the Allure product is far lighter weight than natural stone. However the finish of Allure is more similar to certain natural stones. The cost of Allure is significantly less than natural stone; and the availability, color options, and design flexibility of make Allure the clear choice for your fireplace project.

Q. Is it durable?
A. The Allure product, being a cementitious product, is extremely durable. It's durability rivals that of competitive products.

Q. Is Allure available in custom designs?
A. While it is possible for AVS to create surrounds with custom designs, it does significantly increase the pricing. Please speak to your AVS distributor for more information.

Q. Who can install Allure fireplaces?
A. Allure can be installed by any number of professionals, to include, but not limited to masonry contractors, Tilesetters, general contractors, carpenters, and anyone skilled in the carpentry profession.

Q. On average, how long does it take to install Allure?
A. A typical Allure fireplace surround is installed in under 4 hours. Most are installed in as little as 2 hours.

Q. Is Allure combustible?
A. While the EPS foam core does not present any combustibility hazard, due to it's protection by the AVS coating, polystyrene foam is still considered a combustible material in most fire codes. As a result, Allure surrounds are custom-designed to comply with fireplace manufacturers' offset requirements for combustibility. The EPS foam is entirely protected by the limestone coating, which is 100% non-flammable.

Q. Are sealants recommended for Allure?
A. AVS recommends the use of sealers prior to grouting. Sealing allows for easier cleanup and reduces the likelihood of staining. Sealers should be tested under local conditions and care should be taken to follow manufacturers instructions. The decision of whether or not to seal your AVS product is the sole choice and responsibility of the client.

Q. Can stain products be used on Allure?
A. Yes. Please seek a faux staining professional regarding which product to use on a cementitious substrate such as Allure.

Q. What is the weight of a hearth?
A. Hearth blocks are solid cast pieces, and as a result are heavier than the rest of the Allure components. A standard 24"X20" hearth block weighs approximately 50 lbs.

Q. Is there any structural reinforcement or modification necessary to install Allure?
A. No. While similar products require such modifications, due to their vast difference in weight, Allure can be installed using standard polyurethane construction adhesive, and included metal brackets affixed using screws. Please see installation guidelines for details regarding requirements and procedures.

Q. How is an Allure fireplace surround shipped?
A. Allure is ground-shipped in a custom-designed crate, suitable for nationwide shipping without any damage to the product. Keep in mind that a complete Allure surround can weigh in excess of 200lbs.