Architectural Veneer Systems, Inc. (AVS) introduces Veristone, a breakthrough in the use and application of limestone in the construction industry. Veristone, derived from the Latin word ver for true, is a blend of natural limestone and minerals, special bonding agents and Portland cement, applied to mesh and base coated foam to produce an authentic limestone veneer. Every piece is hand finished in our factory and delivered to your jobsite ready for easy installation.

Veristone can be used wherever you have a need for stone or precast concrete. Veristone provides an alternative to many of the challenges associated with quarried stone and precast:

  • Veristone captures the true finish and character of quarried limestone…not the concrete look of precast materials. Its hard stone surface makes it ideal for many applications.
  • Veristone offers three unique finishes, honed, traditional and travertine.
  • Veristone is lightweight and easily installed with the using construction adhesives…eliminating the need for structural tie-backs and penetration of the waterproof membrane required by heavy stone and precast products.
  • Lead short as 4 weeks…make Veristone shapes easy to schedule to your job.
  • All of this makes Veristone an affordable alternative to quarried stone and precast concrete for architectural shapes, fireplace surrounds and columns.

In addition to our Veristone products, we offer our limestone polymer concrete copings and pier caps where traditional cast stone is desired for ground level applications. The superior strength and lightweight properties of polymer concrete, which develops 2000 psi, and an authentic limestone finish, make it the perfect material to complement our Veristone limestone veneer.

Please call one of our associates for assistance in design application and pricing information for your next project. We are confident that you will find the quality and cost effectiveness of Veristone to be a permanent solution to your stone and precast requirements.

Very Truly Yours,

Steffen Weeks, CEO